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Intelligent Transport System

Transportation has changed dramatically in the face of the Cloud and the Internet of Things. Samwon FA has the expertise to leverage the latest technology to boost the safety and efficiency of your transportation network. We have implemented smart traffic lights that optimize the flow of cars and pedestrians, C-ITS etworks and public transport information management systems across Asia.

Intelligent Transport System (ITS)


Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

  • Samwon FA’s systems gather the telemetry shared from buses traveling in real time as well as local traffic and weather information.

  • Our Bus Operation Information Management System (BIMS) then uses this information to provide passengers with accurate and timely arrival times.


Next Generation Intelligent Transportation System (C-ITS)

  • Samwon FA’s Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System incorporates data from vehicles equipped to share telemetry along with smart pedestrian intersections, weather and traffic information systems into one intelligent system. This system provides relevant, up-to-date traffic and road hazard information for drivers, allowing them to save time and fuel.


Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS)

  • Samwon FA’s Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) monitors traffic flow through various sensors and cameras deployed on roads and highways.

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