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Next generation payment &

ITS solutions for your city

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Flexibility and Cost Efficiency

Founded in 1979, Samwon FA has led the way for decades in solutions development across Asia.
For the past 40 years, our knowledge in systems integration, factory automation and bespoke

industrial equipment manufacturing has helped governments and corporations alike.
Whether you are a municipality looking to boost public leadership or a factory trying to

increase efficiency, we can help. Let our systems integration teams lead the way.

About Us

Samwon FA is a systems integrator for both factory automation and intelligent transportation solutions. We have experience integrating robot and machine vision

systems with some of the biggest automotive and train manufacturers. In addition, we have designed and installed automatic fare collection systems in subways and 

buses for mass transit systems across Asia. Scroll down to find out more about us.


Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

From automatic fare collection in buses and subways to city-wide smart

transportation infrastructure, we have you covered. Samwon FA has systems 

integration teams that can build and test on-board equipment for taxis, buses,

subways and high speed trains. Let our ITS teams work for your government.

​Bus Fare Collection & Management System

Samwon FA understands constant use and rough roads, so our bus fare

terminals are built tough. Tough and smart. They are networked with the bus

driver’s terminal as well as the nearest mass transit authority. We make use of

these connections to perform fast and transparent fare calculations for

passengers, all with a single tap of a smart fare card. Let us equip your buses

with reliable and effective automatic bus fare collection systems.


Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC)

Secure and dependable AFC systems are crucial in the operation of today’s

mass transit systems. Samwon FA understands that low-maintenance, reliable

fare gates begin with quality engineering. Built to withstand use and abuse,

Our turnstiles run the gamut every day. Today, our products are found in

some of the busiest transit hubs in the world.

But our AFCs aren’t just built strong: they’re built smart. We set them up for

universal contactless payment to allow for quick and easy fare card

transactions. We can network them, too, allowing your government to

perform transparent accounting of passenger fare as well as monitor 

passenger flow for every station on your transit network.

Automation Devices

Samwon FA carries name-brand programmable logic controllers, servo

motors, linear motors and inverters. Click on “Learn More” to see our

automation equipment on offer from our trusted partner network.


Smart Automation

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the world of industrial

automation, and the Internet of Things plays a big part. At Samwon FA, IoT

isn’t just a buzzword, it’s fundamental to our approach in automating

factories. Our system integration teams are experts at creating seamless

connectivity from sensors to PLCs to your mobile device. By putting the

control of an assembly line or even your whole factory in your hands, we can

help you cut down on personnel costs.

Sometimes things change, but what matters most will always be the same:

boosting throughput, reducing part nonconformity, and keeping your people

safe. When it comes to your factories, our systems integration teams can do

just that. Contact us to learn more.

Business Areas

We combine the right technology, a drive to understand your needs and decades of experience to deliver the right system for the right price.


Intelligent Transportation

Bus Fare Collection &
Management System


Automatic Fare
Collection System

Automation Device

Smart Factory

Integrated Automation Control

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